Custom Software Development

Bespoke Solutions for greater Business Agility

At NewVision we focus on developing customised, result-oriented, customer-focused software applications that are secure, scalable and are deployable into your current business structure with maximum ease. We believe each customer requirement is unique and we tailor bespoke solutions to match that need accurately.

We take into account clients’ business processes, choose the best possible tools and metrics, and implement changes to develop custom applications for our clients. Our agile and scrum methodology ensures our deliveries are instant and a perfect fit for our customers every time.

Our process involves:




MEAN Stack, Node.js

.NET: NewVision has been working on Microsoft platforms since our inception. With our Centre of Excellence approach, we implement industry best practices, in-house assets and accumulated experience into developing enterprise level cloud native applications. We leverage highly scalable micro services architecture by using .Net as a backbone programming language.

Our experienced technology consultants take clients through areas of application design, development, re-engineering and code refactoring. They have strong technical expertise in developing end-end applications using C#.Net and Typescript utilizing various Microsoft Azure services. We couple .NET platform with tools and libraries for building any type of app, including web, mobile, desktop, games, IoT, cloud, and microservices.


Go is an open source programming language backed by Google. It leads to highly scalable, concurrent and fast business applications that are easy to develop, deploy and maintain.

  • Cloud and Network services: With strong ecosystem of tools and APIs on major cloud providers, it is easier than ever to build services with GO
  • Command line interfaces: With Popular open source packages and a robust standard library, use GO to create fast and elegant CLI
  • Web Development: With enhanced memory performance and support for several IDEs, GO powers fast and scalable web applications.
  • Development Operations and site reliability engineering: With fast build time, lean syntax, an automatic formatter, and doc generator, GO is built to support both DevOps and SRE.

Front End Technologies

Our team ensures every front end development project delivers:

  • Great looking designs
  • Fast loading web pages
  • Responsive to any screen or device

Front end scripting languages are an essential subset of programming languages that perform specific functions within larger languages such as C# or Java. With the advent of HTML5, web application developers will have these scripting languages, particularly AJAX and ActionScript, incorporated into the browser, as opposed to depending on 3rd party plug-ins.

Below is a summary of some of the Front-End Technologies our developers have expertise in:

key amenities HTML
key amenities JavaScript
key amenities AngularJS
key amenities Node.js
key amenities ReactJS
key amenities VBScript
key amenities Ajax
key amenities jQuery
key amenities Responsive Web Design
key amenities Twitter Bootstrap
key amenities Flash

Mobile App Development

Our Developers engineer well crafted industry-grade mobile and web apps, which cater to the disparate needs of your enterprise and help you deliver superior user experiences.

They work on cross-platform technologies that build standalone apps, including leveraging their capacities in IoS, Windows and Android. With our mobility services, you can transform and accelerate your business growth.

Technologies – Native(iOS, Android), Hybrid (Ionic, React, Native)

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