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Offerings on the Cloud

Whether you wish to migrate your existing systems to the cloud or simply need to upgrade it; we have got you covered. Our solutions help reduce the risk and cost of migrating to the Cloud through robust solutions that feature clearly defined processes and predictable outcomes that focus on meeting client requirements. Our Cloud Migration Services help bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. We help you drill down to locate risks and opportunities to improve the performance & availability of critical business functions.


Migrate from on-prem legacy apps, to realize your full potential

Many businesses have a set of large-scale legacy applications that need to be continually maintained. However, the cost, time & effort in refactoring prevents them from migrating to the cloud. We help such businesses to move towards rehosting in a forklift approach by migrating applications to the cloud. We help them migrate with modifications whenever required. This is an efficient non-resource-intensive migration process that is cost-effective & efficient at the same time.

Cloud Application Modernization

Businesses are constantly under a huge pressure to perform better but within lower costs. However, one of the biggest challenges in improving performance and overcoming market competition is the compulsion to work with rigid, outdated and unsupported legacy applications. NewVision helps clients retain the value of their legacy applications by creating a modernization roadmap which transforms such outdated systems into innovative coming-of-age solutions that are efficient and responsive to competitive markets. Our evolved, cloud-hosted applications reduce hardware & infrastructural costs significantly. They also help prevent application downtime.


Cloud-Native App Development

NewVision helps businesses take advantage of Cloud-native app development. It is the process of speeding up new app development, performance optimization of existing ones, and connecting all applications. To put it simply the traditional application architectures, operations, and pace of development do not meet modern development goals. Cloud-Native Application Development helps businesses deliver apps users want at the pace the business needs.


At NewVision we help brands increase their velocity and structure their teams to take advantage of automation and scalability through DevOps. We help leverage cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes to develop Resilient applications. We follow agile methodologies for quick deployments and iterations. Our DevOps services also help add control of application life cycles within an app rather than depend on external processes.


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