Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) foster organizations to use various tools and methods to design, model, execute, monitor, and optimize business processes. BPMS for a company produces, modifies, and analyzes the predictable processes that make up the core of its business. BPM services focus on the current state and identify areas of improvement to create quality service, responsive time, customer experience, or customer satisfaction, process standardization, enabling internal processes to develop quickly and efficiently on an ongoing basis. Business Process Management helps organizations move toward total digital transformation and support them to realize bigger organizational goals. It will lead your business to gain control of unwieldy and disorderly processes; Create, map, assess and optimize business processes; More efficiently run daily operations; Realize larger organizational objectives; Movement through digital transformation; Enhance and refine the tangled operations; Closely track individual items as they move through a workflow.

We expertise in applying BPM in the following fields:

  • Dynamic processes that require regulatory compliance changes, such as a change in customer information management, changes in finance or privacy laws.
  • Complex business processes that include planning and coordination through different business divisions, agencies, functional departments, or working groups.
  • Measurable mission-critical processes that directly improve a crucial performance metric.
  • Business processes that require one or more legacy applications for their completion.
  • Business processes that are manually managed with exceptions and require quick turnarounds.
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At NewVision, we offer the organization’s process management with key features of BPM ranging from Improved Business Agility, Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues, Higher Efficiency, Better Visibility, Compliance, Safety, and Security. Our BPM consultants adhere to the following 5 step process to ensure all of the above is achieved by 100%:

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We support developing intelligent workflows that recreate your business processes to deliver greater efficiency. We empower your teams with modern business processes tools that leverage organizational data coupled with modern technologies to deliver greater ROI, Agility and Efficiency. Our BPM services focus on Standardizing processes, enabling continuous change and improving existing processes. Implementing business process management helps our customers to achieve:

BPM allows organizations to pause business processes, implement changes, and re-execute them. Altering workflows, as well as reusing and customizing them, helps business processes to become more flexible and provides the organization with greater visibility into the impacts of process changes.

Bottlenecks are eradicated by a business process management tool, which significantly reduces costs over time. An effect of this can be a reduction in lead times for product sales, allowing consumers quick access to services and goods, leading to higher sales and increased revenue. BPM solutions can also allocate and track resources to reduce waste, which can also reduce costs and lead to higher profits.

The convergence of business processes brings the opportunity to enhance process performance end-to-end. Process owners may closely track delays with the right information and, if appropriate, assign additional resources. Automation and the reduction of recurring activities lead to greater efficiencies in the business process.

BPM software allows automation while ensuring key performance measurements are tracked in real time. This increased accountability contributes to improved management and the ability to easily change systems and procedures when monitoring performance.

A comprehensive BPM guarantees that organizations comply with standards and stay up to date with the law. BPM can also promote safety and security measures by properly documenting procedures and facilitating compliance. As a result, organizations can encourage their staff to safeguard organization assets, such as private information and physical resources from misuse, loss or theft.


PEGA Implementation Partner

We are known as one of the best Business Process Management Consulting Company. New Vision is a Pega Implementation Partner, comprising a select few companies across the world to hold the elite position. With 40+ Pega certified team members we help implement Pega’s AI-powered solutions to optimize stakeholder interaction processes on any channel while maintaining Clients Brand Commitment. Pega delivers innovative software that works efficiently to solve complex business process quickly and transform for tomorrow to increase customer lifetime value for streamlining services. With real-time AI and intelligent automation, Pega customers make smarter decisions and get the job done with real-time AI and intelligent automation.

Department wise, industry-specific BPMs Business Process Management Solution

Every organization and each function in the organization has its own set of Business Processes and needs solutions per their processes. Addressing enhancement related to process, operation, at the department level – at NewVision, we offer department-wise industry-specific consulting, implementation & upgrades that can handle all business processes and operations effortlessly. Our experience for the various department with the below industries makes us a premium choice of partners for BPM in India:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Telecom

How we stand out as an Business Process Management solution partner?

With competition all around and an attitude to diving deep into the business logic and conceives distinct solutions for every business model makes us stand out uniquely. Being a modernistic and radical software development company in India also a well-known solution implementation partner in India, we follow a unique end-to-end 8 step software development & solution implementation method delivering 100% accurate results and eliminating inefficiencies. For BPM specific we helped our customer gain the below benefits:-

  • Efficient end-to-end standardized business processes
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of Operations
  • Optimized visibility throughout the business ecosystem
  • Access to structured and unstructured data
  • Improved alignment between Business and IT
  • Reduced costs

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