Project Description

The Client

Our client is a serial entrepreneur building a platform to monetize online advertising by engaging various stack holders and to comprehensively improve their stockholder returns.

The Project

The project is to provide an online marketing framework for engaging advertisers, organizers, publisher and content users to :

  • Promote community organizers with/without sponsorship from the advertisers
  • Reward content users with discount perks with an option for the content users to support organizer

The Challenge

Some of the key challenges are:
• Real time selection and display of advertisers ads based on criteria defined by stack holders
• Easy integration with other systems like mobile games, news portals, etc and 3rd party applications
• Loosely coupled functionalities to enhance availability and reuse across various platform
• Highly scalable

The Solution

A loosely coupled micro-services and REST APIs based SaaS solution.

Technology Stack

Programming Language

Java & Spring Boot for creating Microservices


MongoDb (main database), ElasticSearch (Mostly used for filtering/searching)


The web application is fully responsive and can be accessed via browser from any device. It is developed using HTML5, CSS and query. We also have an Android app for advertisers.

Tools and Technologies

Google Calendar for scheduling events
JUnit framework for unit testing
Selenium for automated testing
Bitbucket for Source code repository
Jira as an Issue tracking system

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