Project Description

The Client

Our client is a Workforce Analytics /HR Analytics / Talent Analytics company products to help organizations track, measure and enable employee engagement.

The Project

The n!Pulse solution enables organizations to measure pulse of the people engagement in a non-intrusive, non-personal and on a real-time basis enabling Leadership team, HR, Managers to effectively engage the workforce.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge any organization faces today is the lack of employee engagement since it correlates with performance outcomes such as customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover and quality among others.

Organizations are unable to effectively deal with this productivity crisis because HR, Business Leaders and Line Managers lack real time actionable people insights to monitor, measure and design impactful engagement programs with their employees.

Existing solutions are ineffective as they are either paper based once-a-month/quarter type and with no feedback mechanism to assess the impact of any policy changes. The challenge is to build a simple solution which engages team members with ease on a daily basis and yet make it effective.

The Solution

Partnered with customer to build a mobile based solution which is very lightweight and runs in the background.

Technology Stack

Programming Language



The native distribution platform supported by Apple Inc.



Tools and Technologies

Celery to execute background tasks
Pytest framework for unit testing
GitHub for Source code repository
CircleCI for Continuous integration
Jira as an Issue tracking system

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