Project Description

The Client

Our client is a leading provider of opportunities, insights and connections technology professionals and employers need to move forward.

Project Brief

Existing Job Portal Website

The Challenge

With voluminous growth and increasing complexity, platform became very slow, less intuitive and lacks SEO support

The Solution

As part of revamping initiative, we worked with customer to re-architect the platform using REST API in JSON format, re-design the user Interface to make it intuitive and easy to navigate. Front-end was redeveloped using Angular and Bootstrap to make site responsive and compatible with all devices. Created browse job links and canonical URLs on every public pages to improve SEO and ranking on Google.

Technology Stack

Programming Language

Java & Spring framework for Spring MVC


Angular JS 1.2.2, Bootstrap 3.0.0, Jquery, Ajax, JSON, CSS3, HTML5

Tools and Technologies

Postman or Rest Client for API response
Spring framework for spring MVC
GitHub for Source code repository
Jenkins to deploy changes on test environment
Jira as an Issue tracking system
confluence tool for api documentation