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PayOpt Case study - Microfinance Application case study

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Microsoft Azure webapp, blob storage, Azure SQL, Azure functions,

Affordable, instant and on-demand credit lines are often not available easily or if available then its limited to individuals with a near perfect credit score. Oftentimes such credit options require at least 4-5 business days for disbursal and in some cases even more. In addition to the time it takes there is a ton of documentation that needs to be verified manually which adds to the time. On top of all this it is limited to individuals with a near perfect credit score and for individuals with not so good credit scores the affordability goes for a toss as they are forced to avail these loans or credit lines for a hefty monthly EMI.

Newvision consulted the customer to build this product right from the ideation process to the product go live in the market. PayOpt Credit is an end to end fintech platform that enables instant and on-demand credit to individuals both salaried and non-salaried at extremely affordable rates. PayOpt’s proprietary customer acquisition instrument enables instant approvals and in some cases disbursals as well. PayOpt manages the entire credit lifecycle of an individual’s credit line through its customer engagement instruments wherein an individual can request credit on-demand. All of this at affordable rates which beats the market. All of this is made possible through the 100% digitised workflows of PayOpt Credit platform that reduces the human intervention to a minimum of reviewing only the cases that fail the green channel and hence increasing the speed of approvals and disbursals adding to the user experience of our prospective customers.

PayOpt Credit has served 10,000 loan accounts and partnered with 6 cooperative societies.

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