Integrated Solution for DNA Sequencing


Result analysis of the entire DNA sequencing on a single integrated platform
Built an integrated solution to keep track of all DNA sequencing run tests along with maintenance records of Instruments and inventory usage.

The Client

An innovative US based company transforming the way DNA sequencing is done. It has developed a droplet-based DNA sequencing fully-integrated platform. The innovative system utilizes microfluidic and emulsion technology to perform complex, multiplexed reactions in droplets. This will allow both researchers and clinicians in the future to perform complete DNA sequencing workflows in a few hours instead of days.

Technology Solution

  • We have build this application using MEAN stack.
  • Angular JS on the front end
  • Node/Express server
  • Mongoose / MongoDb data storage
  • We use HighStock for graphs
  • All the client server communications happens through JSON REST API’s. We use JIRA for issue tracking and github for source code repository.

To build an integrated web-based solution which integrates run performed, run results, cartridge inventory, instrument maintenance records. Customer can review run results by plotting big data and analyze variations at micro seconds level.

Challenge was to handle huge amount of run result data along with establishing a correlation between cartridge manufacturing data, inventory, and run results.

We have develop a web based unified solution to capture cartridge, instrument and run related information into a easy-to-use single platform. Some of the key feature of the solution.

  • Modular and flexible architecture
  • Handle big files (some file can be bigger than 500 MB )
  • Store millions of documents on mongoDB
  • Plot graph for various run attributes, where for some attributes we need to plot millions of data points.
  • We use async calls in case we need to plot huge data point.
  1. Compare multiple runs based on various attributes.
  2. Automating end to end solution by integrating the web application directly with the instrument so that a user can start the run process directly from the application.
  3. Rebuilding the schema and interface used by manufacturing unit.

What client say

Excellent and dynamic team:
Senior Program

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