ERP Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators For ERP Systems

ERP Projects do not fail because of poor selection process or the functionality of the ERP software. They fail because of the ERP implementation & maintenance process.

Technology Stack

  • Customers have started the ERP Implementation journey but are stuck mid way.
  • Customers have implemented some modules and have already paid for the full ERP system and can’t derive the full benefits.
  • Customers have implemented ERP system but can’t tangibly measure the ROI.
  • Customers have implemented ERP system but are struggling to maintain it to adapt in line with ever changing business needs.
  • Customers need to plan an upgrade and wants to do it without any downtime and cost effectively.

Use Short burst ERP Solution Accelerators from NV ERP Practice that have:-

  • Clearly defined scope.
  • Clearly defined tangible deliverables.
  • Clearly priced for no surprises.
  • Clearly defined engagement time lines.
  • Web Portal for self-administrations.
  • Switchover Reporting Engine from Cyrstal Reports to SSRS reports.
  • Improved the UI of Customer Portal and Accounting Integrator Partner Portal.
  • Performed Security and Vulnerability assessments.
  • Credentials Management, Cross – Site Scripting

What client say

Excellent and dynamic team:
Senior Program

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