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A technology company with a disruptive product for smart homes, smart buildings, manufacturing lines, asset tracking and monitoring. The product is having Innovative concept of IoT devices through a patented, lite Blockchain technology called BlockLock running on those devices at the edge of the Internet – enabling them to defend themselves. They have a uniquely decentralized and distributed IoT security protocol to protect and control endpoints and devices.

The Customer had a legacy application for which was built on NodeJS Express. The UI was tightly-coupled and wasn’t responsive. The device on-boarding and commissioning process was solely dependent on human intervention. Each device (LED Fixture, Wall Switch and Sensors) installed within the environment had to be manually managed making the entire process pretty cumbersome. Client was looking for a multi-tenancy cloud-based subscription model to cater a wider variety of consumer base.

NewVision consulted in a journey towards implementing a self-commissioning mechanism for each device in application, thus turning manual intervention down to almost nil.

NV streamlined initial configuration/set-up process with a very clean and enhanced UI experience. We stepped in and took the handover from the old team at a very critical phase and took charge of the entire development.
We converted the framework from NodeJS (version 8.5) to a newer NestJS framework (version 12.16). We built the front-end application on Angular and BootStrap HTML, to make their entire User Experience more responsive and intuitive.

Due to Covid 19 scenarios the shipment of the physical devices was not possible. Therefore development and testing became arduous due to a sudden shift in working patterns. In absence of physical components like Edge devices and Sensors just aggravated the situation. As an immediate solution, we started using the client’s VPN and monitoring the Sensor events throughout Logs.
NewVision is now helping them to integrate their best-in-class patent Blockchain security mechanism (BlockLock) and their Ledger system in a multi-tenant format. We are creating deployable modules so as to enable them to use their multi-tenancy cloud-based subscription model that can be adapted as per the industry they are collaborating with.

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